About The Author

My name is Dr. Raymond Jewell, I have a Doctorate in Economics and have been working in the financial field for over 40 years. So many people have lost millions of their hard-earned dollars to financial institutions, financial planners, and many other eroding factors.

I have been on a path to helping clients eliminate financial inefficiencies in their world and put them to growth. So many people are losing and they don't know it. My team is trained to assist people to live a better life and not under stress.

Because our models will show where people are losing and how to correct their financial inefficiencies I have been labeled a Financial Heretic, thus the name of this website. All the talking heads on the media are not right, they are spouting the party line for the financial institutions and are confusing to the public at best.

Everything relates to money so what I write about will affect your pocketbook in one way or another, so I find myself writing about many things. Sometimes it's a rant and sometimes it directly shoots at the financial world, either way, if you find my articles worthwhile great, if you pick and choose that's fine also.  

I hope you find value in this site.