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Is Infusion Soft Expensive?

Infusion Soft is expensive for what you get!

Recently, there has be a shake up in the Internet Marketing Industry. Companies that have been providing internet marketing tools for small business have had a free reign to charge what ever the market could bear. Companies like Infusion Soft charges a couple of hundred dollars per month for their bottom of the line system, with a large set up fee.

Several month ago a company called Pure Leverage  launched a suite of marketing tools which took the Internet by storm. In 2 months over 45,000 marketers have signed up to use the tools. It was such a massive launch that it took the company GVO, Global Virtual Opportunities, by surprise. They were amazed by the reception they received in the market place.

This means that there are a lot of marketers that wanted the tools and services all in one place but not happy with the other companies charges. Pure Leverage charges a fraction of the cost of the so called big boys, and even pays a commission if you decide to become a reseller.

Pure leverage is better than Infusion Soft! What you get with Pure Leverage is the following:

  • Lead Capture System
  • Auto-responder System
  • Campaign Auto-responder System
  • Video Email System
  • Video and Audio Conferencing
  • Webinar System
  • Click through Tracking System
  • Blogging System

Infusion Soft does not have video, webinar conferencing and where can you get GoToMeeting to pay you commission? I have personally looked at other systems and used separate systems to achieve what Pure Leverage has done. The cost to put it all together was in the hundreds of dollars where Pure Leverage charges $24.95 per month. Just click on the link and watch a brief video and read about what you get. You can join for $1 and try it out.

Dr. Raymond Jewell
Realty Biz Builder