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What does Pure Leverage and 45,000 clients have in common?

Pure Leverage is a unique set of internet marketing tools that has all been rolled into one place. Pure Leverage attracted 45,000 clients in the first month. That proves that many people who are doing business on the internet are looking for a suite of marketing tools to use to build their internet marketing business.

Now in case you haven’t heard about Pure Leverage, let me give you a brief overview. Pure Leverage has internet marketing tools that enable anyone to have a one stop place to access them. Also if you want to market the tools to others Pure Leverage will pay you commissions, 100%, when you bring others into the system. For example when you click here and decide to join you will be on my team and together we will build a team under you. It’s based on the Network Marketing Business Model that enables everyone to make money. Sometimes people make a lot or just a little depending on your efforts.

Here is what you get:

  • A lead capture system that captures leads from the internet and brings them into your system.
  • Auto-responders, that automatically begin sending emails to the leads that you had gotten as a result of your Lead Capture System. You can either use the pre-written messages or create your own. You can also create and load auto-responders for you business if you already have one that you are working.
  • Video email, you can create and send video email to anyone you choose.
  • Conference Room- that seats 100 people. This conference room rivals GoToMeeting and Webex.
  • Live Calls that will assist you in building your existing business or your Pure Leverage Business.
  • Calls Archive- for listening to calls that have been done in the past.
  • Coming Soon Blog-that will enable you to post your information and get it into the internet. Blog is already SEOed so it is picked up by the search engines.

There is much more coming so don’t wait. Many people are using this system to promote their existing business ¬†and/or making money with Pure Leverage. Click here to learn more.

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Raymond Jewell